Tuesday, August 24, 2010

6 weeks later.......

the last 6 weeks have been FULL of good things and bad! I had a great trip to San Diego with my dad to spend some time with Devan and Diana and take a one-day family cruise on the Mobile Bay. We did some very fun maneuvers and fired off 40 rounds on the 5" guns! AWESOME. We had a very nice visit and it was so fun getting to see Daylan ride his bike without training wheels for the first time!

I returned home on Tuesday, August 3. At 5 in the morning of the 4th, Michael woke me up with the cry of "FIRE". An iron that I had left plugged in 8 days earlier had ignited and set my office on fire. (8 days to catch fire???!!!) Luckily Michael woke up and got the fire out.

Only a few things are total loss, one being my childhood doll. It was a Miss Revlon doll from the 1950's. The other loss is my grandmothers jewelry box that I inherited from my sister when she passed. The box is not a total loss, but it is badly charred on one side and the top has plastic melted onto it, obscuring the picture on top. I will have them clean it as much as possible and keep it even though it is charred. Just too precious to get rid of. My vanity/desk was also heavily damaged. In subsequent searching I found it is a piece from the late 1800's/early 1900's by Maple & Co., a British furniture maker. Because it is rather an old piece, and really unique, we are going to try and have it restored, rather than find a new one....even if I COULD find a replacement!

Several of my Packer banners/decals are lost also, but that is minor to what could have happened. My stock certificate will be replaced by the Packers.

The day after the fire I left for Green Bay with Marnie & Tiana for Training camp, PPCC reception, Family night, sightseeing and the first preseason game against the Browns. We had such a good time in Green Bay....we went to the water park in Wisconsin Dells, the State Fair in Milwaukee and all the Packer stuff. It was a very busy week!!

Home again on the 15th to start dealing with all the fire clean-up/repairs. It took 4 days but the office is totally cleaned out and the dry-wallers are here today to do the repairs. Tomorrow the painters are to be here to seal the walls & ceiling, then painting in Thursday. New carpet after that and I should be able to move back in next week. TONS of stuff to sort before that happens.

On the plus side----I am going to be hosting another give-away for a CSN gift card soon!! Stay tuned for your chance to win!!

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