Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jean's service

From 4 different locations around the US we organized the service. Maybe it went off so well, because we did not try so hard to make it perfect. Minyon did such an amazing job on the pictures & the power point. Don brought music and a contribution from donations by all of Jean's PPCC friends was made to the James Jones foundation,

The excess of the cost of the brick for Jean was donated to this worthy foundation that works with the local homeless shelter and helps underprivileged kids - - just 2 of the causes they support. Because of the generosity of the members, we were able to donate $550 to James and his wife, Tamika.

The Packer organization provided the MVP Sky box overlooking Lambeau field for the service. After the service, attended by PPCC members and 4 of Jean's family, lunch was served in a private room at Curly's pub. Bob Harlan, former president of the Green Bay Packers popped in to say hello and thank us for honoring our friend.

The Packer organization made this an incredibly special way to honor our friend. Jean would have been SO thrilled knowing her friends cared so much and that the Packer organization cared for a single fan.

I have never heard of an NFL organization doing such a thing and it makes me even prouder to call myself a fan of the Green Bay Pacers....not just the team, but the people working there on a daily basis. THANK YOU....Jade & Michelle.

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