Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catching up

Now that the traveling is done for a bit, well until I fly to Texas on the 29th, it is time for me to get caught up with some of my projects. I finished my second pair of socks...almost done with the 3rd.

I did my first "pattern with a design" in knooking, It looks remarkably like the picture on the pattern. Knooking is still much slower than crocheting for me, so it will not become my primary craft, but I love that I can have knitted projects without having to work 2 needles! We are starting a sock KAL in knooking so I am looking forward to that...

I am now working on a CAL-Beach top/coverup. The finished project will look something like this....

I just started last night and have the first section of the back done. I am using some mercerized cotton I got from Peaches 'N Cream over a year ago. It was one of those grab bags and I ended up with a LOT of this....figured this was a good project to use it on. There is also a companion piece to this as a hooded pullover, so I may make that also.

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  1. Your sock is so cute!!! I can only crochet & knit straight things. Needless to say-scarves & blankets are my specialty