Sunday, March 21, 2010

Michael's new hobby

I have been asking Michael for some time to make me different things - scarf pins, crochet hooks, etc - so he finally bought himself a nice lathe. These are the FIRST things he made.....most all in one day!! The brown shape on the left actually has a solid ring around one of the pieces...he made it all in one piece. I would love to see the grand-kids figure that one out! :-)

The second one was just working to see how small he could make a piece and how thin....

The third one can be used for a candle holder and can stand on either end. The far right is a "goblet" with a lid! It is awesome!! The last one in front is a small "dish" that I can use to put my earrings in or paperclips.....he used a small scrap he had to see how just using the chuck would work.

All of these are made out of just scrap pieces of wood. The light color ones are actually out of birch from a tree our neighbor cut down. The wood is still so wet, it was "raining" on him as he was working on the pieces.

I can hardly wait to see what he makes when he gets good wood. i will post more pictures as he makes more projects.

And here is his first crochet hook! It is SO smooth!!!

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