Thursday, October 8, 2009

It makes you wonder......

Sometimes I have to wonder about life. Why do things happen? I fell on Sept 19 and broke my ankle while trying to walk down to the beach. The route to the beach was being taken because the BOD at my timeshare voted to remove the beach stairs because of "liability". The insurance company made no mention of the stairs being a hazard, but one member of the board pushed and pushed and pushed till they were removed. (the board was very aware that I was against the removal of the stairs) Now one of the board members had the AUDACITY to say that I broke my ankle on purpose to "prove a point". Can you believe anyone would be that stupid/ignorant to make a comment like that? He obviously has never broken a bone or he would never have said that. I just don't understand the man's mentality/lack of mentality.

I am SO running for the board of the association. The same men have been running things for several years now and they are certainly not representing MY interests. There needs to be someone on the board who will represent the best interests of the "individual" owners, not some big corporation. Most own "points" in the corporation so that is a direct conflict of interest in my opinion.

So I sit here at the dining room table trying to address and stuff 1200 letters that need to be in the mail TOMORROW all by myself. All the help that was promised has gone by the wayside, except for my DH who put labels on envelopes last night. I have been at it since 11 this morning, 6.5 hours, and I am TIRED...but I know I have to keep going. My poor foot was liek a fat little sausage last night after spending 8 hours on the mailing list etc.

This too shall pass...................

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