Friday, August 21, 2009

More handicap parking

This week we had a wide range of "excuses". I share these for their absurdity that someone would believe they were going to get away with it.

1-Lady admitted not having a permit but said she should have one because she has a broken toe. (BTW--she mentioned several times that her son is a cop....guess that gives her the right to break the law)

2-Lady using her dead husband's permit and did not have any ID cuz she "was not organized".

3-Well dressed couple driving a Lexus. He first stated it was his permit, then when asked for his ID card, did not know what we were talking about, then wife produces ID card and the permit is the daughters!! When asked "where is she?", Dad says..."well she is obviously not here". We called security because this guy was getting a bit aggressive.

The judge found the 2 people guilty that I went to court on this week. One lady had a permit so we requested lowering the fine to $20.00, the state mandated minimum. And the other guy admitted his wife was not there, but that he was "doing errands for her". He now knows he cannot use her permit!! Lowered his fine to $190, because he was not qualified to have a permit of his own.

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