Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My First Court Date

I attended my first court appearance as the citing officer. The guy pleaded not guilty to parking in an access aisle. I had photos showing he was parked in an access aisle next to a marked & signed handicap spot.

He was a class A jerk. He kept interupting the judge, he brought copies of building codes and said they were the ORS (Oregon Revised Statutes). He brought pictures that purposely excluded the handicap marking. When the judge found him guilty, and before the judge could tell him what the fine was going to be (he was going to reduce it to $190) the defandant said "I appeal". So the judge told him he would make it worth his time and leave it the base fine of $360. The "gentleman" kept mouthing off and when he found out the fee to appeal was a NON-refundable $270, he got more upset and a deputy had to be called. Finally he said he was not going to appeal, the judge reduced the fine to $190 and the guy left! What a first court appearance!! Should make all the rest a cake walk!!

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