Sunday, March 22, 2009

Parking Enforcement update

I made my 2nd trip out to enforce handicap parking this week. I wrote 6 tickets. The funniest were the 4 young guys who had pulled in "for just a minute" to run into the bank. They "do this all the time", so thought they should just get a warning because this was the first time they had been "caught". LOL They got a $360 ticket!

I have received my first subpeona for a guy pleading not guilty to parking in an access aisle. Not sure what he is not guilty of as I have the pictures of his illegal parking, but it will be my first time testifying so it will be interesting.

It is is so gratifying to hear the positive comments from people that appreciate us enforcing the handicap parking. They really appreciate that we are trying to have compliance so the parking spots are there for those who truly need them.

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