Friday, June 3, 2011

More of Michael's hookers

I finally laid out all of the hooks Michael has made me...Here is a picture, with the size and wood labeled top to bottom.

B - Laurel
C - Doug Fir (from beach driftwood)
D - Maple
F - Oak
G - Myrtlewood
G - Oak
H - Maple
I - Myrtlewood
G - Oak
H - Laurel
H - Babinga
H - Laurel
I - Myrtlewood
H - Babinga
H - Hickory (from my grandpa's old rake-handle broke off)
I - Purple Heart
J- Padauk
K - Lilac (from tree we trimmed)
L - Oak
M - Laurel
N - Madrone
N - Walnut
S - Oak
H - Mahogany (from a pallet Michael pulled out of the garbage)(side picture)

The Purple Heart, Babinga, and walnut all came from Micheal's friend, Wade, who makes guitars our of exotic woods and we have become the recipient of many of his scraps....

The Padauk came from my friend Kim who cleans out old houses and fixes them up for resale. He comes across some great pieces of wood.

All of the laurel & lilac are from our own trees that we trimmed around our home.

The Madrone is from a friend in CA...he sent my up a small box of wood native to his area.

The rest of the woods come from different things we have salvaged from garage sales, etc. We look at a piece of decrepit furniture in a whole new way since Michael got his lathe and duplicator. He is becoming quite good. I look forward to some of the larger projects he will be making in the bowls. Will keep you updated.....

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  1. These are so beautiful. This is definitely something that my husband (should we EVER be in the position that he could retire from his current job) would love to be able to do. He adored building boxes and wood working in his previous life (before real life and mortgages and student loans) and when I pointed out to him my first wooden hook and shawl pin from the CGOA conference in Minneapolis, I could see his eyes light up. :)

    Ah well. Maybe some day!