Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fire repairs Update

Repairs are done! Much of the stuff has been moved back into the room....although I still have almost 100 boxes to go through....I am seriously thinking a lot of it is going to go away! Here are some before and after pictures...

Shows the fire up the wall and the origin point in the picture on the right. The "shell is what is left of my Miss Revlon doll. The small box to the right of it is my grandmothers jewelry box.

It is a beautiful room now...the repair people did a fantastic job.

With some of the yarn put away....we moved the crafts all upstairs. My downstairs looks MUCH better!!

Some major heartbreaks as things have been damaged in cleaning, such as my beautiful handmade lace scarf that I only finished a couple of months ago and had not even gotten to wear yet. :-(

But the oddest one of all was the 7 dozen plastic/specialty hangars that were packed out but never returned! Included in the hangars were 2 crocheted padded ones that my Aunt Beulah had made me years ago. She is now deceased....makes me very sad....and angry!! I hope whoever got them enjoys them!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your special things. It's always painful when items we hold dear are not treated as tenderly as they deserve. Hugs to you!

    Your yarn shelves look fabulous, them! :)