Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Broken Ankle Update

I got my "boot" off last week and am now using an ankle brace. The guy who fitted me with the brace said I could expect swelling for up to a year!! My left buttock is still numb and will be addressed by the physical therapist. I have my first physical therapy appointment next week. I have discovered another interesting phenomenon. I have permanent "hair stubble" on my left leg! It is the most bizarre thing. The hair "pores" remain raised like a little rash. Not sure if that will go away or not.

I am finding this break is very unlike my previous one 4 years ago. I will be having lingering after affects of this for quite some time. Makes me even more angry at the BOD and the member who alleged I did this on purpose. If I was a litigious person, I would be looking for an attorney!!

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