Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not much time for posting lately. We went on a cruise--I got sick the first night -- my birthday--spent the next 3 days in my cabin. Finally got out on Thursday morning. We had fun the rest of the time.

Now we are in Texas with John and his family. We have very much enjoyed visiting this week with the little boys. Michael and John have had a wonderful time in the garage making a new work area for John. They come up with SUCH imaginative ideas. I told Michael he needs to implement some of these in his own shop.

We head home to Oregon on Satruday. I have a TON of bookwork to catch up on for my accounting client. Lots of invoicing to do and records to update for the tax guy. So I will be very busy for the whole week after we get home. I also do my second stint with my supervisor for WCSO in enforcing handicap parking. I think I am going to enjoy this volunteer work.

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