Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scarves & Sweaters

Here are some of my latest projects. I got in a scarf "frenzy" and needed some new ones for the winter. So I grabbed a variety of yarns, patterns, and started crocheting! I love the multi-blue ribbon one. It crocheted up so fast. It feels much softer than I thought ribbon would.

This is my first ever pullover sweater. I did not get to keep it long, as my daughter snatched it as soon as she saw it and fell in love with it.

This is my second pullover. I got to keep this one! LOL


  1. I love the green sweater.. the texture is awesome. What stitches did you use? Too bad you didn't get to wear it long, I think it would compliment your hair color beautifully (that is, if that is you modeling the sweater in those 2 pics.

    Keep the pics coming, they're great.

  2. It is a cluster type stitch. 2Dc, ch 2, dc. Then when you come back on the next row you do the cluster into the previous ch 2 space. The whole sweater is this pattern stitch. Very easy to do and love the effect when done. I AM making another one for me!!